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Stratos Toe Guard Commercial

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Stratos Toe Guard Commercial


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Product Review

Weight Limit750 lb
Lift Speed (FPM)10
Arrives AssembledNo
Drive SystemBelt-driven ball screw/90 VDC, 1/3 hp motor with brake
Battery Powered OptionYes
Constant Pressure Platform ControlYes
Emergency Stop Platform ControlYes
Platform Type36"x 60" inside clear platform; straight- thru configuration
Platform Size36"x 60"
Platform Configurationstraight-thru
Upper Landing Gate42"
Authorized AmeriGlide Stair Lift Provider

The Stratos Toe Guard Commercial vertical platform lift is revolutionizing the VPL installation process. Unlike traditional models, this self-contained unit features a stationary lower landing that doesn’t require the installation of a hoistway. This makes it the perfect choice for existing sites that may not have the space to install other VPL options. 

This powerful lift offers the same smooth and powerful ride you have come to expect from AmeriGlide products all at an incredible value. The Stratos Toe Guard Commercial VPL comes standard with a 750 pound weight capacity, safety gate and easy to operate controls. It is also backed by the industry’s best warranty so that you can feel confident that your investment will continue to operate at peak performance levels. Call today to learn more and equip your building with a VPL for less.

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Lift Options Available

  • Lifting Height
    • 53" Maximum Lift Height  $0.00No Image
  • Tower Orientation
    • Tower On The Left  $0.00Tower Left
    • Tower On The Right  $0.00Tower Right
  • Power Source
    • AC Powered  $0.00No Image
    • DC Battery Powered  $1,286.60No Image
  • Straight Thru Platform Size (Clear = Usable Width)
    • 36" x 60" Clear with Non-Skid Surface  $0.00No Image
  • Ramp Type & Pit Switch
    • Fixed Ramp  $0.00No Image
    • No Ramp with Pit Switch Option (for 3" pit)  $147.00No Image
  • Platform Options
    • Solid Platform  $0.00No Image
    • Inside Grab Bar  $0.00No Image
    • 42" High Side Walls  $0.00No Image
  • Platform Controls
    • Paddle Controls with Constant Pressure Switch  $0.00No Image
  • Other Controls
    • Additional Call/Send Control Station (each)  $147.00No Image
    • Keylocks for Controls (each)  $57.30Keyed Control Upgrade Charge
    • Wireless Call/Send Control Stations (pair)  $472.65No Image
    • Emergency Stop Alarm and Lighted Button  $208.05No Image
  • Gates
    • Platform Gate with EMI Interlock  $0.00No Image
    • Lower Landing Gate with EMI Interlock  $0.00No Image
    • Upper Landing Gate with EMI Interlock  $0.00No Image
  • Top Landing Interlocks
    • EMI interlocks below are for a customer provided door or gate.  $0.00No Image
    • Left Swing Top Landing Door/Gate EMI Interlock (each)  $472.00No Image
    • Right Swing Top Landing Door/Gate EMI Interlock (each)  $472.00No Image
    • Wiring For Interlock Provided by Others  $170.45No Image
  • Optional Equipment
    • Adjustable Fascia (up to 27")  $0.00No Image
    • Automatic Opener for Top Landing or Platform Gate  $2,099.00Hercules II 750 Automatic Opener - Top Landing or Platform Gate
    • Automatic Opener for Full Size Door  $2,458.00No Image
    • Float Level Switch  $179.15No Image
    • Custom Color (allow 6-8 weeks, Call for Options)  $1,531.00No Image
  • Delivery Options
    • Flat Bed and Forklift Delivery  $449.00No Image
  • Delivery State
    • Delivery Outside of the United States  $0.00No Image
    • Alabama  $0.00No Image
    • Alaska  $0.00No Image
    • Arizona  $0.00No Image
    • Arkansas  $0.00No Image
    • California  $0.00No Image
    • Colorado  $0.00No Image
    • Connecticut  $0.00No Image
    • Delaware  $0.00No Image
    • District of Columbia  $0.00No Image
    • Florida  $0.00No Image
    • Georgia  $0.00No Image
    • Hawaii  $0.00No Image
    • Idaho  $0.00No Image
    • Illinois  $0.00No Image
    • Indiana  $0.00No Image
    • Iowa  $0.00No Image
    • Kansas  $0.00No Image
    • Kentucky  $0.00No Image
    • Louisiana  $0.00No Image
    • Maine  $0.00No Image
    • Maryland  $0.00No Image
    • Massachusetts  $0.00No Image
    • Michigan  $0.00No Image
    • Minnesota  $0.00No Image
    • Mississippi  $0.00No Image
    • Missouri  $0.00No Image
    • Montana  $0.00No Image
    • Nebraska  $0.00No Image
    • Nevada  $0.00No Image
    • New Hampshire  $0.00No Image
    • New Jersey  $0.00No Image
    • New Mexico  $0.00No Image
    • New York  $0.00No Image
    • North Carolina  $0.00No Image
    • North Dakota  $0.00No Image
    • Ohio  $0.00No Image
    • Oklahoma  $0.00No Image
    • Oregon  $0.00No Image
    • Pennsylvania  $0.00No Image
    • Rhode Island  $0.00No Image
    • South Carolina  $0.00No Image
    • South Dakota  $0.00No Image
    • Tennessee  $0.00No Image
    • Texas  $0.00No Image
    • Utah  $0.00No Image
    • Vermont  $0.00No Image
    • Virginia  $0.00No Image
    • Washington  $0.00No Image
    • West Virginia  $0.00No Image
    • Wisconsin  $0.00No Image
    • Wyoming  $0.00No Image
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