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Crest Cargo Lift

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Crest Cargo Lift


2 years on batteries
Lifetime on all parts for the original purchaser
Labor and Shipping of Warranty Parts are not covered in the warranty.

Product Review

Weight Limit300 lb
Drive TrainRack and Pinion
Battery PoweredYes
Track TypeAnodized Aluminum
Swivel SeatNo
Flip-Up SeatNo
Flip-Up ArmrestsNo
Constant Pressure ControlsYes
Footrest Safety SensorNo
Track Width6.5"
Call Stations Included2
Rail Angle, Min25°
Rail Angle, Max45°
Digital Diagnostics DisplayNo
Warranty2 years on batteries / Lifetime on all parts for the original purchaser
Key LockNo

The Crest Cargo Lift comes to you at a low price but feature rich.

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on All PARTS for the Original Purchaser *
  • ETL listed A17.5 / B44 - A18.1
  • Rack and pinion drive
  • 300 lbs capacity aluminum cargo tray
  • Interior gear rack
  • 25 to 45 degree angle applications
  • Quick adjustment limit cams
  • Wireless remote controls for upper and lower landings
  • 15' track standard, additional sections available
  • Chassis mounted auxiliary control switch
  • Obstruction audio beep notification
  • Battery operated system
  • Low profile stair-hugger track and bracket design - 2-1/2" track rest on stairs
  • Constant pressure controls
  • 3" to 6" horizontal extension at top landing (depending on angle)
  • ANODIZED aluminum rail
  • 300 lbs capacity
  • Overspeed governor
  • Proudly made in the USA!
* 2 year warranty on the battery


  • View at Bottom of Stairs
  • Side View
  • View from up the Stairs
Stair Lift Overview

Lift Options Available

  • Stair Lift Orientation
    • Right  $0.00No Image
    • Left  $0.00No Image
  • Chassis / Track Custom Color
    • Chassis Custom Color  $310.00No Image
    • RAL Color for Chassis Powder Coat  $0.00No Image
    • Track Custom Color  $462.00No Image
    • RAL Color for Track Powder Coat  $0.00No Image
  • Track Length
    • Standard 15' Of Track  $0.00No Image
    • Additional Track (Per Foot) (More Than 1' of Additional Track Incurs Additional Shipping Cost)  $75.00No Image
  • Stair Lift Measurements According to Measurement Guide
    • Step 1 - Total Staircase Length  $0.00No Image
    • Step 2 - Top Landing to Bottom Step  $0.00No Image
    • Step 3 - Stair Width  $0.00No Image
    • Step 4 - Available Space at Bottom  $0.00No Image
    • Step 5 - Height of One Step  $0.00No Image
    • Step 6 - Length of One Tread  $0.00No Image
    • Step 7 - One Step Front Edge to Front Edge  $0.00No Image
    • Step 8 - Available Space at Top  $0.00No Image
  • Options
    • Tall Brackets  $39.00No Image
    • Key Switch  $77.00No Image
  • Installation
    • Self-Install  $0.00No Image
    • Nationwide Installation Service  $599.00No Image
    • Double Stair Lift Installation Service - Per Stair Lift  $437.50No Image
    • Nationwide Measurement and Installation  $749.00No Image
    • Stair Lift Removal and Disposal  $499.00No Image
  • Installation Special Cases
    • Installation In Remote or Limited Access Location  $285.00No Image
    • Installation On Concrete, Steel, or Tile Stairs  $300.00No Image
  • Shipping
    • Additional Shipping Charge for Unit with More Than 16' of Track  $154.00No Image
    • Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii (Call for Price)  $0.00No Image

Why buy an AmeriGlide Stairlift? We can give you 10 reasons.

AmeriGlide is the quality manufacturer of stair lifts and other mobility products. There are many many reasons to buy an AmeriGlide stair lift. Check out what some of our customers have to say in the Testimonials section of our site. The following Ten Best Reasons to Buy an AmeriGlide Stair lift comes directly from the President of AmeriGlide.


  1. Quality: AmeriGlide refuses to have the quality of our stair lifts surpassed by any manufacturer. We back our quality up with a 10-Year Drive Train Warranty and a 5-Year Parts Warranty. Please see the warranty section of our site for details.
  2. Reliability: Each part of the AmeriGlide stairway lift has been designed to make sure you can depend on your lift when you need it most. Little things have been added such as a power indicator light on the track assuring you that unit is ready to use. The aircraft cable in the drive system is rated 4,200 lbs. breaking strength. A spare fuse is under the 115-volt plug so you can replace it yourself if necessary. The motor and gear have been tested in excess of 30,000 cycles equal to 16 years of use and neither showed excessive wear. Last but not least, AmeriGlide stair lifts do not have circuit boards which are prone to failure for a host of reasons from power surge, lightning, to poor construction.
  3. Minimal Maintenance: As strange as this may sound for a mechanical device, there is simply very little maintenance required for the AmeriGlide stairlift. Lubrication of the track is needed every 4-6 months. Nothing more! The gearbox on the AmeriGlide stairlift is completely sealed, preventing the possibility of oil leaking onto your carpet unlike most lifts that have gearboxes with vent plugs. Also, virtually all other lifts use rack and pinion gears to drive the lift. These must be lubricated with dust-collecting grease to prevent damage from occurring. AmeriGlide?s cable drive system does not require lubrication, allowing you to leave dust-collecting grease in the garage.
  4. Peace of Mind: The AmeriGlide stairway lift was designed to make sure nothing was missed. Footrest safety sensors stop the lift in either direction should it strike anything on the stairs. The seat is equipped with a seat belt and a safety switch that prevents the unit from running unless the seat is in its proper position. Limit switches shut the unit off in the same place at the top and bottom of the stairs automatically. This is our way of offering you and your family member's peace of mind regarding your safety.
  5. Comfort/Safety: The AmeriGlide stairlift has a wide, thick, padded seat that folds up when not in use. The large rocker switch on the arm of your choice and a 180-degree swivel seat make using the lift simple. The fold-up footrest adjusts give your feet support and the backrest makes sure you are as comfortable as when you are sitting in your favorite chair. Every facet of the lift was designed to enable you to relax and enjoy using your AmeriGlide Stairlift.
  6. Flexibility: The AmeriGlide stairway lift can be placed on either side of a staircase, and the unit control can be placed in either arm. By adding or cutting the track, you can modify the length of the unit should you ever need to relocate. Standard call controls are mounted on the floor at each end of the staircase and can be placed on the wall and operated by hand. Either location allows you to call the lift to you regardless of where the lift is on the track. This flexibility enhances the resale value of the lift, and yes, the warranty is transferable should you decide to resell your lift!
  7. Easy Installation: AmeriGlide stairlifts were designed and engineered from start to finish with homeowner installation as the end objective. The result is a stairlift that is unsurpassed in ease of installation. The heaviest part of the lift is 100 pounds allowing for a true one man installation. We have eliminated any stripping or connecting of individual wires and created a system that simplifies installation of the base unit onto the track.
  8. Technical Support/Service: Our technical department is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:30pm. We will not be surpassed by any manufacturer in service or support.
  9. Warranty: Our warranty is unsurpassed in the industry. We offer the only 5 year warranty on 100% of the component parts of our lift. No exceptions, no exclusions, no games!
  10. Value: The AmeriGlide stairlift is the best value in the industry today. Of course, we have the best price, but value is more than just price. We also provide all the elements that create value for our customers, including quality, service, support, reliability, and warranty. We want to thank you for considering AmeriGlide as your stair lift solution. You can pay more for a stair lift, but you can't buy more value than AmeriGlide Stairlifts. Let us help you regain your freedom with AmeriGlide Stairlifts.
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