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Residential Elevator

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Residential Elevator

Product Review

Capacity950 lb
Maximum Travel Distance48' 5"
Cab Dimensions (standard)36" W x 36" D, 36" W x 48" D, 48" W x 36" D
Cab Dimensions (optional)36" W x 60" D, 42" W x 54" D, Custom Sizes Available
Speed (per minute)40'
DriveStandard Overhead Winding Drum, Optional Roped Hydraulic
Cab HeightsStandard: 6' 8" (80"), Optional: 7' 0" (84"), 8' 0" (96")
Max Landings5
Overhead Clearance Required6' 8" cab requires 102", 7' 0" cab requires 106", 8' 0" cab requires 117"
Power Requirement230V with 30amp circuit / 110V with 15amp circuit
Pit Depth8" minimum, 12" recommended
EmergencyEmergency phone, emergency stop switch
SafetySlack cable switch and wedge safeties, final limit switch, integrated interlocks, emergency stop switch. All safety features required by ASME A17.1, section 5 (National Elevator Code)

The Residential Elevator is a practical addition to any multi-level home that serves disabled or elderly individuals.

The Residential can be completely custom built for your home's space and decor. With hydraulic or winding drum drive systems available, you can choose which will be best for your home. A large selection of interior finishes and materials allow you to fully customize the look and feel of your residential elevator, so that it can truly be made for your home.


  • Showing Shaker Cab With Rail and Controls on Back Wall
  • Showing Wood Cab
  • Showing Shaker Cab

Lift Options Available

  • Job Reference
    • Job Name / PO  $0.00No Image
  • Hoistway Construction
    • Wood  $0.00No Image
    • Concrete  $0.00No Image
  • Drive System
    • Overhead Winding Drum (Standard)  $0.00No Image
    • Roped Hydraulic  $3,110.00No Image
  • Landings
    • 2 (Standard)  $0.00No Image
    • 3  $1,335.00No Image
    • 4  $2,669.00No Image
    • 5  $4,498.00No Image
  • Cab Material and Styles
    • Standard Finishes - White Laminate and Stain Grade Wood Veneer  $0.00No Image
    • Flat Wood  $0.00No Image
    • White Laminate  $0.00No Image
    • Maple  $0.00No Image
    • Oak  $423.00No Image
    • Cherry  $549.00No Image
    • Mahogany  $549.00No Image
    • Traditional Applied Moulding  $0.00No Image
    • Maple - Traditional  $5,000.00No Image
    • Oak - Traditional  $5,000.00No Image
    • Cherry - Traditional  $5,000.00No Image
    • Mahogany - Traditional  $5,000.00No Image
    • Shaker Style  $0.00No Image
    • White - Shaker  $5,000.00No Image
  • Finish Options for the Cab
    • * Finish Options for Flat Veneer and Traditional Cab Only  $0.00No Image
    • Leave Wood Cab Material Unfinished * (Stain Ready)  $0.00No Image
    • Clear Finish for Cab *  $715.00No Image
    • Standard Stain for Cab * - Natural 209 (Includes Clear Coat)  $1,000.00No Image
    • Standard Stain for Cab * - Sedona Red 222 - Traditional - Traditional (Includes Clear Coat)  $1,000.00No Image
    • Standard Stain for Cab * - Classic Gray 271 (Includes Clear Coat)  $1,000.00No Image
    • Custom Stain for Cab * (enter exact MINWAX stain #) (Includes Clear Coat)  $846.00No Image
  • Optional Glass Wall Inserts
    • Glass Inserts into Cab Walls (per wall)  $2,529.00No Image
  • Gate Options
    • White Vinyl Gate (Standard)  $0.00White Vinyl Gate (Standard)
    • Clear View Gate (Standard)  $0.00No Image
    • Tinted Acrylic Gate  $339.00No Image
    • Tan Vinyl Gate  $339.00Tan Vinyl Gate
    • Gray Vinyl Gate  $339.00Gray Vinyl Gate
    • Black Vinyl Gate  $339.00Black Vinyl Gate
    • Vinyl Laminate Woodgrain  $0.00Black Vinyl Gate
    • Maple Vinyl Woodgrain  $339.00Maple Vinyl Woodgrain
    • Natural Oak Vinyl Woodgrain  $339.00Natural Oak Vinyl Woodgrain
    • Cherry Vinyl Woodgrain  $339.00Cherry Vinyl Woodgrain
    • Mahogany Vinyl Woodgrain  $339.00Mahogany Vinyl Woodgrain
    • Natural Hardwood Veneer  $0.00Mahogany Vinyl Woodgrain
    • Maple Veneer  $399.00Maple Veneer
    • Oak Veneer  $399.00Oak Veneer
    • Cherry Veneer  $399.00Cherry Veneer
    • Mahogony Veneer  $399.00Mahogony Veneer
  • Gate Frame Options
    • Anodized Clear  $0.00No Image
    • Anodized Bronze  $0.00No Image
    • White  $0.00No Image
    • Black  $0.00No Image
  • Gate Stack
    • Looking into the elevator cab, if the panels stack to the right its a right hand  $0.00No Image
    • Right Hand  $0.00No Image
    • Left Hand  $0.00No Image
    • Both (for Pass Through or 90 Degree Cab)  $0.00No Image
  • Lighting
    • 2 Recessed LED Lights (Standard)  $0.002 Recessed LED Lights <strong>(Standard)</strong>
    • 4 Recessed LED Lights  $358.004 Recessed LED Lights
  • Fixture Finish
    • Applies to COP, Hall Fixtures, and Handrail  $0.004 Recessed LED Lights
    • Brushed Aluminum (Standard)  $0.00No Image
    • Bronze Powder Coat  $358.00No Image
    • Copper Vein Powder Coat  $358.00No Image
  • Handrail
    • Flat Polished Aluminum (Standard)  $0.00Flat Polished Aluminum (Standard)
    • Round Polished Aluminum Handrail  $250.00No Image
  • Cab Options (See Standard Cab Configuration Document)
    • REQUIRED - Make a Selection From Options Below  $0.00No Image
    • 3636L  $0.00No Image
    • 3636R  $0.00No Image
    • 3636RW  $0.00No Image
    • 3648L  $0.00No Image
    • 3648PT  $3,000.00No Image
    • 3648R  $0.00No Image
    • 3660L  $858.00No Image
    • 3660PT  $3,858.00No Image
    • 3660R  $858.00No Image
    • 4254L90  $3,858.00No Image
    • 4254L  $858.00No Image
    • 4254PT  $3,858.00No Image
    • 4254R90  $3,858.00No Image
    • 4254R  $858.00No Image
    • 4836L  $858.00No Image
    • 4836R  $858.00No Image
    • 5442L  $858.00No Image
    • 5442R  $858.00No Image
    • Custom Size (up to 15 ft sq) (see *Custom Cab* Sections Below)  $2,000.00No Image
  • *Custom Cab* Size Selection
    • Desired Cab Size (or choose Maximize Cab Below) (Maximum Cab Size is 15 ft sq)  $0.00No Image
    • Cab Width in Inches  $0.00No Image
    • Cab Depth in Inches  $0.00No Image
    • Maximize Cab to Existing Hoistway  $0.00No Image
    • Hoistway Width in Inches  $0.00No Image
    • Hoistway Depth in Inches  $0.00No Image
    • Door offset from Right Wall In Inches  $0.00No Image
    • Door offset from Left Wall In Inches  $0.00No Image
    • Cab Notes  $0.00No Image
  • *Custom Cab* Rail Stack Location (as viewed from bottom landing)
    • Not a Custom Cab  $0.00No Image
    • Rail Stack on Right Wall  $0.00No Image
    • Rail Stack on Left Wall  $0.00No Image
    • Rail Stack on Rear Wall  $0.00No Image
  • *Custom Cab* Opening Selection
    • Not a Custom Cab  $0.00No Image
    • Single Opening Custom Cab  $0.00No Image
    • Pass Through Custom Cab  $3,858.00No Image
    • 90 Degree Custom Cab  $3,858.00No Image
  • Cab Height
    • 6'8" (80")  $0.00No Image
    • 7'0" (84")  $0.00No Image
    • 8'0" (96")  $572.00No Image
  • *Custom Cab* Handrail Location
    • Not a Custom Cab  $0.00No Image
    • Handrail on Right Wall  $0.00No Image
    • Handrail on Left Wall  $0.00No Image
    • Handrail on Rear Wall  $0.00No Image
  • Door Locks Needed (One Provided Per Landing)
    • Right Hand  $0.00No Image
    • Left Hand  $0.00No Image
  • Additional Door Locks and Hall Calls Needed
    • For Passthrough and 90 Degree Cab with 2 Entrances on Same Landing  $0.00No Image
    • Right Hand  $385.00No Image
    • Left Hand  $385.00No Image
    • Hall Call  $115.00No Image
  • Elevation Details
    • Pit Depth (inches) Minimum 10"  $0.00No Image
    • Total Travel Bottom Floor to Top Floor (inches) Up to 50'  $0.00No Image
    • Overhead Note: finished top floor to ceiling min overhead is 102", 106", 117" respectively for 80", 84", 96" height options  $0.00No Image
    • Overhead Clearance (inches)  $0.00No Image
    • Notes  $0.00No Image
  • Controller/Machine Room Options
    • Standard Controller  $0.00No Image
    • Flush Mount Controller (Call to verify placement)  $1,072.00No Image
    • Extra Travel Cable # Feet (standard is Hoistway Length + 20')  $10.00No Image
    • 5 Landing Controller Modification  $470.00No Image
    • Adjacent Location (on outside of hoistway wall standard)  $0.00No Image
    • Remote Location # Feet (Max 18')  $15.00No Image
  • Additional Mechanical Options
    • Integrated Car Operating Panel Telephone (Required)  $0.00No Image
    • VOIP Phone  $358.00No Image
    • Battery Lowering  $643.00No Image
    • Automatic Gate (Priced Per Gate Operator, either 1 or 2)  $2,108.00No Image
    • Security Keypad  $408.00No Image
    • Excessive Travel Distance Between Landings-Over 12' (# Landings)  $760.00No Image
    • Float Switch  $358.00No Image
    • Buffer Springs  $715.00No Image
    • Cartop Inspection Operation  $358.00No Image
    • Cartop Prop  $500.00No Image
    • Drawing Revisions (2 are Standard) Call for Price for Additional  $0.00No Image
  • Wet Stamp Drawings
    • No Wet Stamp Drawing Required  $0.00No Image
    • Alabama  $1,072.00No Image
    • Arizona  $1,072.00No Image
    • Arkansas  $1,072.00No Image
    • Florida  $1,072.00No Image
    • Georgia  $1,072.00No Image
    • Illinois  $1,072.00No Image
    • Indiana  $1,072.00No Image
    • Kansas  $1,072.00No Image
    • Louisiana  $1,072.00No Image
    • Maryland  $1,072.00No Image
    • Massachusetts  $1,072.00No Image
    • Michigan  $1,072.00No Image
    • Mississippi  $1,072.00No Image
    • Missouri  $1,072.00No Image
    • New York  $1,072.00No Image
    • North Carolina  $1,072.00No Image
    • Ohio  $1,072.00No Image
    • Pennsylvania  $1,072.00No Image
    • South Carolina  $1,072.00No Image
    • Tennessee  $1,072.00No Image
    • Texas  $1,072.00No Image
    • Virginia  $1,072.00No Image
  • Installation
    • Wiring Kit (required for homeowner's contractor)  $500.00No Image
  • Fees
    • Florida Tax for Elevators sold to FL Customers  $900.00No Image
  • Delivery - Reference "Delivery Zones" Document
    • Factory Pickup  $0.00No Image
    • Customer Arranged  $0.00No Image
    • Zone 1  $2,036.00No Image
    • Zone 2  $2,393.00No Image
    • Zone 3  $2,679.00No Image
    • Zone 4  $2,965.00No Image
    • Zone 5  $3,750.00No Image
  • Delivery Options
    • Delivery to a Residence  $429.00No Image
    • Deliver to a Specific Freight Terminal  $429.00No Image
  • Delivery Information
    • Contact Name  $0.00No Image
    • Contact Phone Number  $0.00No Image
    • Delivery Street Address  $0.00No Image
    • City, State, Zip  $0.00No Image
    • Delivery Notes  $0.00No Image
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