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AmeriGlide Express Plus Dumbwaiter - Commercial & Residential

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AmeriGlide Express Plus Dumbwaiter - Commercial & Residential


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Max Travel - Standard12'
Max Travel - Optional51'
Car Size - Standard20Wx20D or 24Wx24D and 30H or 36H
Car Size - OptionalMin car size for side mount rails: 14Wx17D, for rear mount rails, 14Wx14D. Max car size 30Wx30D.
Stops - Standard2
Stops - Optional3 or 4
Weight Capacity - Standard200 pounds
Weight Capacity - Optional300 pounds
Stainless Steel Panel OptionYes
Hardwood Door OptionYes
Straight Through Car OptionYes
90° Car OptionNo
The AmeriGlide Express Plus Dumbwaiter can make daily tasks a breeze when it comes to transporting heavy or bulky items between floors. Whether you're moving laundry to the utility room, sending groceries to the kitchen, or lifting firewood to the living room, the Express Plus' 200-pound weight capacity makes it more than capable for most household dumbwaiter applications. A shelf is included but can easily be removed to transport any taller items. Optional larger car size has a 300-pound weight capacity. With ETL Certification, the Express Plus Dumbwaiter is approved for commercial applications when properly equipped to local jurisdiction requirements.

Driven by a chain drive machine that can be mounted at the top or bottom of the hoistway, the Express Plus travels at up to 32 fpm along aluminum guide rails. Instant safeties prevent the car from falling in the event of a chain failure, while the mechanical limit switches provide over travel protection and slack chain detection. For added safety, interlocks come standard, preventing the doors from opening unless the car is present, and preventing the car from moving until the door is closed.

Call/send stations allow you to send and retrieve the dumbwaiter from any level and feature "car here" and "in-use" indicator lights.

Not sure if the Express Plus will work for you? We offer custom car sizes and configurations, as well as a number of custom finishes and options.

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Lift Options Available

  • Job Reference
    • Job Name / PO  $0.00No Image
  • Car Configuration
    • Single Opening - Front or Side  $0.00Single Opening - Front or Side
    • Straight Through  $450.00Straight Through
  • Stops
    • 2 Stops  $0.00No Image
    • 3 Stops  $555.00No Image
    • 4 Stops  $1,080.00No Image
  • Car Material Selection
    • Laminate, Veneer, or Food Grade HDPE  $0.00No Image
    • Stainless Steel (Skip down to "Stainless Steel Car Options")  $0.00No Image
  • Car Material - Laminate, Veneer or HDPE
    • White Laminate  $0.00No Image
    • Pre-Finished Birch  $0.00No Image
    • Unfinished Birch  $0.00No Image
    • Pre-Finished Maple  $0.00No Image
    • Unfinished Maple  $0.00No Image
    • Pre-Finished Cherry  $185.00No Image
    • Unfinished Cherry  $185.00No Image
    • Pre-Finished Mahogany  $185.00No Image
    • Unfinished Mahogany  $185.00No Image
    • Pre-Finished Oak  $185.00No Image
    • Unfinished Oak  $185.00No Image
    • Food Grade HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) 20"Wx20"Dx30"H Only  $585.00No Image
  • Car Width & Depth (Clear) - Laminate, Veneer
    • All Dimensions are Clear  $0.00No Image
    • Capacity: 200 Lbs. for Car up to 24"W and 24"D - 300 Lbs. for Car Over 24"W and/or 24"D  $0.00No Image
    • 20"W x 20"D - Standard  $0.00No Image
    • 24"W x 24"D - Standard  $0.00No Image
    • 30"W x 30"D - Standard - 300 Lb. Capacity  $650.00No Image
    • Custom - Smaller than 20"W x 20D (Enter Dimensions Below) - Additional Lead Time Required  $0.00No Image
    • Custom - Larger than 20"W x 20D (Enter Dimensions Below) - Additional Lead Time Required  $125.00No Image
    • Custom Oversize - Over 24"W and/or Over 24"D (Enter Dimensions Below) - 300 Lb. Capacity - Additional Lead Time Required  $650.00No Image
  • Stainless Steel Car Size Options
    • No Stainless Steel Car (make Car Material Selection above)  $0.00No Image
    • 304 Grade Stainless Steel, #4 Brushed Finish (Dimensions are Clear)  $0.00No Image
    • Additional Lead Time Required  $0.00No Image
    • Stainless Steel - 20"W x 20"D x 30"H - 200 Lb. Capacity  $1,902.00No Image
    • Stainless Steel - 24"W x 24"D x 30"H - 200 Lb. Capacity  $1,902.00No Image
    • Stainless Steel - 30"W x 30"D x 36"H - 300 Lb. Capacity  $2,548.00No Image
    • Custom Stainless Steel Cars can add up to 6 weeks to build time  $0.00No Image
    • Custom Stainless Steel Car - Up to 24" Wide or Deep (enter dimensions below)  $3,748.00No Image
    • Custom Stainless Steel Car - Over 24" Wide or Deep (enter dimensions below)  $4,394.00No Image
  • Car Height (Clear) - All Materials
    • 30" High  $0.00No Image
    • 36" High  $0.00No Image
  • Custom Car Width & Depth (Clear) - All Materials
    • Dimensions are in Whole Inches Only  $0.00No Image
    • Width (min. 14" - max. 30")  $0.00No Image
    • Depth (min. 14" for Rear Rail / min. 17" for Side Rail - max. 30")  $0.00No Image
  • Call-Send Control Options
    • "Car Here" Indicators (Included)  $0.00No Image
    • Keylocks (per lock)  $93.00No Image
  • Options
    • Automatic In-Car Light  $340.00No Image
    • Float Level Switch  $400.00No Image
    • Machine Room Access Door - Kill Switch  $93.00No Image
    • Gate Switch on Car Gate  $340.00No Image
    • No Door & No Track (Not Recommended - Only for Low Overhead Space Installs)  $0.00No Image
  • Drive Machine Location
    • Mount at Top  $0.00No Image
    • Mount at Bottom  $0.00No Image
  • Travel Measurements
    • 1st Floor Sill Height  $0.00No Image
    • 1st Floor to 2nd Floor (inches)  $0.00No Image
    • 2nd Floor Sill Height  $0.00No Image
    • 2nd Floor to 3rd Floor (inches)  $0.00No Image
    • 3rd Floor Sill Height  $0.00No Image
    • 3rd Floor to 4th Floor (inches)  $0.00No Image
    • 4th Floor Sill Height  $0.00No Image
  • Total Travel
    • Up to 12'  $0.00No Image
    • 12' To 18'  $185.00No Image
    • 19' To 29'  $400.00No Image
    • 30' To 40'  $555.00No Image
    • 41' To 51'  $710.00No Image
  • 1st Floor Hoistway Door Location
    • 1st Floor - Front  $0.00No Image
    • 1st Floor - Back  $0.00No Image
  • 2nd Floor Hoistway Door Location
    • 2nd Floor - Front  $0.00No Image
    • 2nd Floor - Back  $0.00No Image
  • 3rd Floor Hoistway Door Location
    • No 3rd Floor Stop  $0.00No Image
    • 3rd Floor - Front  $0.00No Image
    • 3rd Floor - Back  $0.00No Image
  • 4th Floor Hoistway Door Location
    • No 4th Floor Stop  $0.00No Image
    • 4th Floor - Front  $0.00No Image
    • 4th Floor - Back  $0.00No Image
  • Drawings
    • Drawing Revisions (2 are Standard) Call for Price for Additional  $0.00No Image
    • Job Specific Approval Drawings (Generic Drawings are Supplied at no cost)  $250.00No Image
  • Fees
    • Florida Tax for Dumbwaiters sold to FL Customers  $350.00No Image
    • Kentucky Permit Fee  $87.50No Image
    • Georgia Permit & Inspection Fees  $250.00No Image
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