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Titan Incline Platform Lift - Residential

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Titan Incline Platform Lift - Residential


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Product Review

Weight Limit500 lb
Drive TrainRack and worm gear / 24 VDC
Battery PoweredYes
Swivel SeatNo
Flip-Up SeatNo
Flip-Up ArmrestsNo
Constant Pressure ControlsYes
Footrest Safety SensorYes
Call Stations IncludedWireless
Unit Footprint, Parked13"
Digital Diagnostics DisplayNo
Key LockNo
Authorized AmeriGlide Stair Lift Provider

Titan Incline Platform Lifts work well when a normal stair lift just isn't enough and a vertical platform lift doesn't fit in a residential setting. With the optional integrated seat and 500 pound weight capacity, it is user-friendly and carries a wide range of manual wheelchairs. In addition, the weight of the lift is supported by the stairs, meaning that no wall modifications are needed. This saves times and keeps the cost of installation down.

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Lift Options Available

  • Information
    • Please Call For More Information  $0.00No Image
  • Track Length
    • Up To 16' Feet Included  $0.00No Image
    • Additional Foot Of Track - Includes Track, Handrail, & Mounting Brackets  $168.00No Image
  • Orientation (looking UP the staircase)
    • Rail On The Left  $0.00No Image
    • Rail On The Right  $0.00No Image
  • Platform
    • 25" x 36" Straight Thru (requires at least a 35" wide stair case)  $0.00No Image
    • 27.5" x 36" Straight Thru (requires at least a 37" wide stair case)  $490.00No Image
    • 27.5" x 36" 90 Degree Adjacent Access (requires at least a 42" wide stair case)  $782.00No Image
  • Controls
    • Constant Pressure Platform Control  $0.00No Image
    • IR Wireless Call Send Control  $0.00No Image
  • Options
    • Key Lock - Unit Only - Disables All Controls  $154.00No Image
    • Free-Standing Post Kit - All Needed for One Post Every Two Treads (also requires an extra 2-1/2" of stair case width)  $1,250.00No Image
    • Emergency Stop Button  $0.00No Image
  • Installation
    • Basic Installation Included  $0.00No Image
    • Install on Concrete, Steel, or Tile Stair Treads  $300.00No Image
    • Install on Concrete or Concrete Block Walls  $300.00No Image
  • Permit Fees
    • Kentucky Permit Fee  $87.50No Image
    • Georgia Permit & Inspection Fees  $250.00No Image
  • Delivery State
    • Delivery Outside of the United States  $0.00No Image
    • Alabama  $0.00No Image
    • Alaska  $0.00No Image
    • Arizona  $0.00No Image
    • Arkansas  $0.00No Image
    • California  $0.00No Image
    • Colorado  $0.00No Image
    • Connecticut  $0.00No Image
    • Delaware  $0.00No Image
    • District of Columbia  $0.00No Image
    • Florida  $0.00No Image
    • Georgia  $0.00No Image
    • Hawaii  $0.00No Image
    • Idaho  $0.00No Image
    • Illinois  $0.00No Image
    • Indiana  $0.00No Image
    • Iowa  $0.00No Image
    • Kansas  $0.00No Image
    • Kentucky  $0.00No Image
    • Louisiana  $0.00No Image
    • Maine  $0.00No Image
    • Maryland  $0.00No Image
    • Massachusetts  $0.00No Image
    • Michigan  $0.00No Image
    • Minnesota  $0.00No Image
    • Mississippi  $0.00No Image
    • Missouri  $0.00No Image
    • Montana  $0.00No Image
    • Nebraska  $0.00No Image
    • Nevada  $0.00No Image
    • New Hampshire  $0.00No Image
    • New Jersey  $0.00No Image
    • New Mexico  $0.00No Image
    • New York  $0.00No Image
    • North Carolina  $0.00No Image
    • North Dakota  $0.00No Image
    • Ohio  $0.00No Image
    • Oklahoma  $0.00No Image
    • Oregon  $0.00No Image
    • Pennsylvania  $0.00No Image
    • Rhode Island  $0.00No Image
    • South Carolina  $0.00No Image
    • South Dakota  $0.00No Image
    • Tennessee  $0.00No Image
    • Texas  $0.00No Image
    • Utah  $0.00No Image
    • Vermont  $0.00No Image
    • Virginia  $0.00No Image
    • Washington  $0.00No Image
    • West Virginia  $0.00No Image
    • Wisconsin  $0.00No Image
    • Wyoming  $0.00No Image
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